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Want to learn how to identify the content of an image?
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Computer Vision API
Custom Vision Service
Training Your Own Model

Analyzing images

There are many ways to analyze images. In this repository we share resources for three approaches

  1. Using Computer Vision API
  2. Using Custom Vision Service
  3. Training your own model

Using Computer Vision API

Before you try training your own model to analyze images, you should check if an existing Computer Vision API will meet your needs. This repository contains code samples and links to resources for using the Azure Computer Vision API

Using Custom Vision Service

Sometimes the obejct or scenario we want to recognize in an image is not one existing Computer Vision APIs are trained to recognize. The Custom Vision Service allows you to train a model using new images with an easy to use service. This repository contains code samples and links to resources for using Azure Custom Vision Service.

Training your own model

There are many scenarios where the Computer Vision API or Custom Vision Service will not meet your needs and you will need to train your own model. This required a higher degree of coding and skill. This repository contains suggested tutorials and resources for training your own model.

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