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Tips & Tricks for delivering a great code demo
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If you would like a copy of the slide deck, you can find it on Slide Share


Make sure the audience can see the code on your screen

Colour contrast resources

Change font and colour settings in your code editor

Clean up your desktop

  • To temporarily hide the desktop icons in Windows, right click on the desktop View - Desktop icons


Visual Studio Code

  • Zen mode <CTRL+K>,<Z>
  • Exit Zen mode <ESC><ESC>

Visual Studio

  • Code window zoom in <CTRL+Mouse scroll up>
  • Code window zoom out <CTRL+Mouse scroll down>

Zoomit Download

  • <CTRL+1> to Zoom in
  • <CTRL> to draw boxes in zoom mode
  • <SHIFT> to draw lines in zoom mode
  • <CTRL+SHIFT> to draw arrows in zoom mode
  • <CTRL+T> to add text in zoom mode
  • <CTRL+4> for live zoom
  • <ESC> to exit

Don't waste time making typing mistakes

Code Snippets

Comment/Uncommenting code

  • <CTRL+K><U> to uncomment code in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code
  • <CTRL+K><C> to comment code in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code


  • SampleChecklist.doc this is the checklist I use before I deliver my talk on sentiment analysis

Pre-demo checklist items

Accounts and applications

  • Launch applications
  • Open browser windows
  • Sign in to accounts and websites
  • Comment and uncomment code into demo ready state

Files and resoruces

  • Pre-create or start required cloud resources
  • Set API Keys and URLs for cloud resources in code
  • Ensure required files and directories are in place
  • Ensure required database accounts, tables, and data are in place


  • Start Zoomit
  • Check colors and fonts in code editors


  • Test backup application


  • Required cables for projector
  • Microphone

Post demo checklist items

  • Delete or stop cloud services
  • Delete files and diretories created by demo
  • Reset database and data
  • Remove API Key from any code you are sharing
  • Sign out of accounts
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