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Only custom WorldEdit wrapper, includes guides!
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Main page: Here

A watered down version of my first plugin, New Wand.

I have personally was looking around for a custom WorldEdit wand "wrapper" of sorts a few months back.
There wasn't one then so I decided to make my own. Everything (mostly) is configurable inside including but not limited to, wand lore, display name, item used, plugin prefix.

It also includes a visual to see where you are selecting. A fake block is placed on the locations of the right and left click of the selection, which too can be configured to your liking.


newerwand.use: Player can use commands (/nw help and /nw) and wands.
newerwand.admin: Can reload the plugin.


/NW: Gives the player a wand.
/NW Help Bring up help menu.
/NW Reload: Reload the plugin configs.
/NW About: Gives a little info on the creator.


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