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OpenPGP Key Server
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Hockeypuck is an OpenPGP public keyserver.


Any platform/arch

With Go 1.12 installed, from this directory:

export GOPATH=$(pwd)
go build ./src/hockeypuck/server/cmd/...
go install ./src/hockeypuck/server/cmd/...

Hockeypuck binaries will be in bin/.

Vendored Dependencies

The dependencies for this project are managed via Go modules. To update the dependencies run:

cd src
go get -u -m
go mod vendor

After which you can ensure that the code continues to build and that the tests still pass.

Ubuntu package maintainers

To locally build the hockeypuck binaries:

make install-build-depends


Building a Snap

If it's installed, remove the snapcraft Ubuntu package:

sudo apt remove snapcraft

Install snapcraft from the Snap store:

snap install snapcraft

Confirm that you're using a recent enough version of snapcraft:

$ which snapcraft
$ snapcraft version
snapcraft, version 3.7.2
$ _

Now you can build the snap:

snapcraft snap

snapcraft defaults to building in a multipass VM. If you're already in a throwaway environment, you can build the snap as follows instead:


Or use LXD for a lighter-weight isolated build:


Ubuntu package maintainers

In order to release a new version of hockeypuck:

make dch
git add debian/changelog
git commit -m 'x.y.z release'
git tag -s -u <keyid> -m 'x.y.z release' x.y.z
git push --tags
make deb-src
dput <your ppa> ../hockeypuck\_x.y.z\_source.changes

Where x.y.z is the appropriate version number. This will upload the debian source package to the Launchpad PPA for building.


Quick start with Docker

A quick and easy way to run Hockeypuck locally is with docker-compose:

docker-compose up


Copyright 2019, The Hockeypuck Developers; see CONTRIBUTORS and LICENSE for details.

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