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Play with very simple machine learning tasks.
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A small application in which you can play with very simple machine learning tasks.
I hope it will help you understand better how machine learning models work.

It allows you to create a simple 2D dataset and choose one of many sklearn models: Screenshot 1 You can play with model parameters and see what happens: Screenshot 1

Try it online

App is deployed here:

Run locally

sudo pip install streamlit
git clone
streamlit run

It will start running on localhost. The browser window should open automaticaly.
Procfile and are only for heroku, normally you don't need them.

How it is made

Backend and frontend are written in pure python using streamlit - a simple yet effective python library for data science demos like this. This is my first project with streamlit, I made it for my students (ML course), and to learn myself how to use this library.

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