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@@ -25,11 +25,9 @@ Then, the three Docker containers will run.
- django_rest_api
- django_web_front

After launching their containers, access the `localhost:3000`. The SPA will be shown the below.

After launching their container, access the `localhost:3000`. The SPA will be shown the below.


### django_db

@@ -43,6 +41,12 @@ The django_rest_api is the Python/Django Web API. This returns JSON data when ac

The django_web_front is the Node.js/React container. This fetches API data from django_rest_api using React.

## File Sharing settings

It is necessary to modify the file sharing settings, since the directory of the host will be mounted as VOLUME, depending on the directory location.


## Details about files

The app directory and files configuration the below.
Binary file not shown.
File renamed without changes.

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