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Javascript Virtual Keyboard - Customizable, responsive and lightweight
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The slick virtual keyboard for Javascript. Compatible with your JS, React, Angular or Vue projects.

🚀 Demo

Demo Showcase (Vanilla, Angular, React, Vue)

📦 Installation & Usage

You can use simple-keyboard as a <script> tag from a CDN, or install it from npm.

Check out the Getting Started docs to begin.

📖 Documentation

Check out the simple-keyboard documentation site.

Feel free to browse the Questions & Answers (FAQ) page for common use-cases.

To run demo on your own computer

Other versions


✳️ Modules

You can extend simple-keyboard's functionality with modules. Such as:

Want to create your own module? Check out the Modules page for instructions.

🎯 Compatibility

Simple-keyboard is intended for modern, standards-compliant browsers. Internet Explorer is sadly not one of them, and since its market-share is negligible (~2% for IE11), resources won't be spent in trying to support it.

To learn more about the rationale for not supporting IE, check out this link.


PR's and issues are welcome. Feel free to submit any issues you have at:

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