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A libpurple/Pidgin plugin for signald (signal, formerly textsecure).

signald is written by Finn Herzfeld.

An unofficial IRC channel exists on called ##purple-signald for those who use it.

Known Issues

Attention: As of September 2021, this plug-in is falling apart. I am annoyed by the number of protocol and API changes and I lack motivation keeping up with them.

If notifications for group chats are enabled, the colors of sender names will differ from those in the member list, see #69.

When used with Pidgin, the user must never close a group conversation window or incoming messages will get lost. Deferred messages (sent by others while offline) will always get lost.

Getting Started



  • Core features:

    • Receive messages
    • Send messages
  • Additional features contributed by Hermann Kraus:

    • Receive files
    • Receive images
    • Send images
    • Receive buddy list from server

    Note: When signald is being run as a system service, downloaded files may not be accessible directly to the user. Do not forget to add yourself to the signald group.

  • Additional features contributed by Torsten:

    • Link with the master device
    • Automatically start signald
      Note: For automatically starting signald as a child proces, signald needs to be in $PATH.
    • Group Avatars
  • Additional features contributed by Brett Kosinski:

    • Support for group chats.
    • Fine-grained attachment handling (for bitlbee).

Instant Message

Missing Features

  • signald configuration (i.e. initial number registration)
  • Deleting buddies from the server
  • Updating contact details
  • Contact colors
  • Expiring messages
  • Messages with quotes

Security Considerations

UUIDs are used for local file access. If someone manages to forge UUIDs, bypassing all checks in Signal and signald, the wrong local files might be accessed, but I do not see that happening realistically.