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Pidgin libpurple bridge to signald.
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A libpurple/Pidgin plugin for signald (signal, formerly textsecure).

signald is written by Finn Herzfeld.

I never wrote code for use in Pidgin before. EionRobb's purple-discord sources were of great help.

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04.

Known Issues

There have been reports of incoming offline-messages getting lost. As far as I observed, they are not lost but delayed and delivered after a restart of signald.


  • Receive messages
  • Send messages
  • Receive files
  • Receive images
  • Send images
  • Receive buddy list from server

Note: When signald is being run as a system service, downloaded files may not be accessible directly to the user. Do not forget to add yourself to the signald group.

Instant Message

Missing Features

  • signald configuration (i.e. initial number registration)
  • Synchronizing messages sent from another device
  • Deleting buddies from the server
  • Updating contact details
  • Contact colors
  • Expiring messages
  • Messages with quotes
  • Proper group chats (right now you can send and receive group messages, but you cannot tell which one of the group members is answering)

Group Chat

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