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Pidgin/libpurple plugin for WhatsApp Web.
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A libpurple/Pidgin plugin for WhatsApp Web.

Powered by go-whatsapp, which is written by Lucas Engelke.

Being developed on Ubuntu 18.04.


  • Have at least go-whatsapp e51cd7d or newer.
  • Build using the supplied Makefile.
  • Place the binary in your Pidgin's plugin directory (~/.purple/plugins on Linux).


  • Create a new account
    You can enter an arbitrary username. However, it is recommended to use your own internationalized number, followed by
    Example: 123456789 from Germany would use
    This way, Pigin's logs look sane.
  • Upon login, a fake conversation should pop up, showing a QR code.
    Using your phone's camera, scan the code within 20 seconds – just like you would do with the browser-based WhatsApp Web.


  • Receive text messages
  • Receive image messages
  • Sending text messages

Instant Message

Missing Features

  • Anything beyond simple messaging, really

What could be done next

  • Support group conversations properly.
  • Implement receiving audio, media, and document messages.
  • Wait for server message received acknowledgement before displaying sent message locally.
  • Sort old messages by date.
  • Find spurious segfault.
  • Implement sending image, audio, media, and document messages.
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