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A web application for helping you decide the priorities of your ideas
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Idea Fight

What Is This?

Idea Fight is a web application for helping you prioritize a list of ideas. For details on why I wrote this on how it works, check out this blog post.


Idea Fight is a client-side-only web application, so you don't need to install anything if you don't want to! There's a version that you can use at

If you want to install your own version in order to make changes, you'll need to install the Elm compiler version 0.17.1 (the most current as of this writing). After you have Elm installed, you can build the JavaScript file using elm-make:

elm-make --output js/idea-fight.js Main.elm

Copy the js/, css/, and index.html files to wherever you want to host your version, or simply open index.html in your browser.

How to Use It

To use Idea Fight, just enter a list of ideas into the provided text box, one per line:

Input your ideas

Once you're done, hit the "Continue" button, and you'll be presented with two ideas among the ideas you entered in:

Choose the better idea

Click the idea you prefer between the choices. As Idea Fight determines which ideas are the best, it will present them to you; keep making selections until you have as many good ideas as you want!

Full example

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