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SRCNAME = linotify.c
OBJNAME = linotify.o
# Gives a nice speedup but also spoils debugging on x86. Comment
# out this line when debugging.
OMIT_FRAME_POINTER = -fomit-frame-pointer
# Seach for lua .pc file
LUAPKG_CMD = $(shell pkg-config --list-all | grep Lua | awk '{print $$1}')
CFLAGS = -fPIC -O3 -Wall $(shell pkg-config "$(LUAPKG_CMD)" --cflags)
INSTALL_PATH = $(shell pkg-config "$(LUAPKG_CMD)" --variable=INSTALL_CMOD)
## If your system doesn't have pkg-config, comment out the previous
## lines and uncomment and change the following ones according to your
## building enviroment.
#CFLAGS = -I/usr/include/lua5.1/ -fPIC -O3 -Wall
#INSTALL_PATH = /usr/lib/lua/5.1
all: $(LIBNAME)
$(CC) -o $(LIBNAME) -shared $(OBJNAME) $(LFLAGS)
install: $(LIBNAME)
.PHONY: all install clean
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