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Lambda function to log my recently played songs from Spotify
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Track Spotify Plays

A lambda function I run every twenty minutes via AWS Cloudwatch Events to make a persistent log of my Spotify listening history. For those "what was that song I was listening to?" moments.


To run this, you'll need to set up...

  • DynamoDB
  • A Spotify Application
  • AWS Lambda

Someone contributing a SAM config or something to automate this would be most welcome!

DynamoDB Setup

You'll need to set up a DynamoDB table named spotify-plays with played_at as the partition key.

Spotify Application Setup

First, register a new Spotify application. Make note of the Client ID and Client Secret - you'll need them later.

Now you need to generate an auth token for your Spotify user, so that you can query the API for data specific to your account. There's probably a better way to do this (contributions welcome!), but I cheat and do the following:

Lambda Setup

Set up a new Lambda function using Python 3. I uploaded the code as a zip, including its dependencies, like so:

$ pip install -t . -r requirements.txt
$ zip -r /tmp/ *

You'll need to create the following environment variables - these correspond to the values I told you to keep track of earlier:


You'll need to use KMS to encrypt these values (since the code assumes they're encrypted).

Finally, you'll want to set up a CloudWatch Event to trigger the function every so often - I set mine to trigger every twenty minutes.

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