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Getting Started with a JAVA project with Properties Files


Add this to your pom - and the plugin will translate all i18n.xml files into message_{locale}.properties-files within your project during the generate-resources phase.

      <!-- -->


Note: It is common to have a default file "". It will be created if you add an locale with empty value="" to the locale-config element of your i18n.xml file.

Java Accessor

If you specify the optional javaAccessor element (here: packageName="test" className="Messages") within the output element of the i18n.xml file, a Java Accessor class will be generated (see example). It provides you with all translation keys + additional translation methods. It allows you get your translations checked by the compiler. Additional requirement: your translation keys must be valid Java class names. Please note that the plugin's default targetDir is src/main/java. Usage:

The traditional way

String value = ResourceBundle.getBundle("messages", Locale.ENGLISH).getString("form.validation.required");

With Accessor

// retrieve translation key constant ...
String key = Messages.form.validation.required$;
// ... or use the translation method
String text = Messages.form.validation.required(Locale.ENGLISH);

Re-Engineer the i18n.xml file

You might already have an existing project with properties files. Execute the reengineer goal just once to create the XML language table from your language files like this:

mvn -DoutputFormat=JAVA -DoutputBasename=messages

Related Links

  • The Java Message Format provides a solution to writing translations including localized parameters:
    • This message contains parameter {0} and another one {1}.
    • Today is {0,date,long}.
    • Next update: {0,time,medium}
    • Price: {0,number,#.##}
    • There {0,choice,0#are no files|1#is one file|1<are {0,number,integer} files}.
      • Note: if stored in an XML file, the < needs to escaped as XML entity: &lt;.
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