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PyCharm lets you define live templates that expand a word into a snippet of code with some input fields. They work similar to textmate snippets and snipmate for vim.

You can either add your on snippets via File/Settings/Live Templates or select a region and add the text with Tools/Save as Live Template.

Live templates are stored in the following location:

Windows: <your home directory>\.<productname><versionnumber>\config\templates
Linux: ~\.<product name><version number>\config\templates
MacOS: ~/Library/Preferences/<product name><version number>/templates


MacOS, PyCharm 3

git clone
cp PyCharm-Python-Templates/user.xml ~/Library/Preferences/PyCharm30/templates/

You could also copy/paste the template XML to the Python.xml file but that's more work.

If you have not defined any user templates yet, you can copy the user.xml to the templates location, otherwise you have to merge the files or add the templates by hand.

See for more information.

How to use

Now you should be able to type "fnpdoc<TAB>", meaning you type the letters "fnpdoc" and then press the button <TAB> and it will fill the live template, in this case with the numpy docstring template for a function. Visually,


will become:



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