PHP SOAP Extension

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The CleverReach WordPress Extension requires PHP SOAP due to the CleverReach SOAP API.

PHP SOAP Extension

At the very first, check for the PHP SOAP extension: $ php -i | grep -i soap

You should also find soap within your PHP modules: $ php -m


  • Ubuntu/Debian: $ sudo apt-get install php-soap
  • RHEL/Fedora/openSUSE: $ sudo yum install php-soap
  • VVV: Add php-soap to the PHP modules within provision/

Note: Make sure to restart the server ($ service httpd restart) after the installation is complete!


If everything is in place, but extension_loaded() still fails, you can add the extension manually to your php.ini file:

  1. Locate your PHP configuration file: $ php -i | grep php\.ini
  2. Locate your PHP extensions directory: $ php -ini | grep extension_dir
  3. Add the PHP SOAP extensions to your php.ini configuration: extension='/usr/lib/php/modules/'
  4. Restart Apache: $ service httpd restart
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