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Data and code for Hogan et al. “A research framework to investigate ecosystem responses to tropical cyclones” BioScience 70(6): 477-489.

Authors: J. Aaron Hogan, Russell A. Feagin, Gregory Starr, Michael Ross, Teng-Chiu Lin, Christine O’Connell, Thomas Huff, Beth A. Stauffer, Kelly L. Robinson, Maria Chapela Lara, Jianhong Xue, Brandi Kiel Reese, Simon J. Geist, Elizabeth R. Whitman, Sarah Douglas, Victoria M. Congdon, Joseph W. Reustle, Rachel S. Smith, David Lagomasino, Bradley A. Strickland, Sara S. Wilson, C. Edward Proffitt, J. Derek Hogan, Benjamin L. Branoff, Anna R. Armitage, Scott A. Rush, Rolando O. Santos, Marconi Campos-Cerqueira, Paul A. Montagna, Brad Erisman, Lily Walker, Whendee L. Silver, Todd A. Crowl, Michael Wetz, Nathan Hall, Xiaoming Zou, Steven C. Pennings, Lih-Jih Wang, Chung-Te Chang, Miguel Leon, William H. McDowell, John S. Kominoski, Christopher J. Patrick

This repository contains: 4 datafiles:

  • CoastalMarshes_GPP.csv These data were collected by Drs. Thomas Huff & Russell Faegin. They are 16-day interval measurements of gross primary productivity (GPP) for 3 coastal marshes (sites in Texas, Lousiana, and New Jersey) from 2000-2018. GPP numbers are in moles C per square meter per day. Direct inquiries about these data to Dr. Thomas Huff (

  • Fushan_WS4_monthlyNO3.csv This file contains monthly stream nitrate measurements (in micrograms N per liter) from an experimental watershed in Fushan, Taiwan. These data are also located at: Data were collected by Dr. Teng-Chiu Lin (

  • LUQ_QSmonthlyNO3.csv This file contains monthly stream nitrate measurements (in micrograms N per liter) from the Quebrada Sonadora in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico. These data belong to the Luquillo CZO (collected by Dr. Bill McDowell: and should be crosschecked to EDI at: (for metadata and the most current file versions).

  • TEXAS_BagSieneFishData.csv Lastly, this file contains fish abundance data from seine catch surveys in four Texas coastal estuaries for the year of 2017, when Hurricane Harvey occurred. For the historical data from 2000-2016 or other inquiries consult Dr. Chris Patrick (

1 code file:

  • Examples.Rmd This is an R Markdown file that contains the code for making figure 4 using the data files listed above. The document knits to form Examples.pdf.


Data and code for “A research framework to investigate ecosystem responses to tropical cyclones”.






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