UIView subclass which draws a highly configurable color gradient as background.
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UIView subclass which draws an axial color gradient as background. You can customize the gradient with the properties startPoint, startColor, endPoint and endColor.

How To Get Started

You either can drag & drop the MIHGradientView.h and MIHGradientView.m into your project or use CocoaPods to add the dependency. If you choose the drag & drop solution you have to link your application against the QuartzCore.framework.

For details on how to use the MIHGradientView have a look at the interface deceleration and read the comments.

What It Can Look In Production Use

The following image shows an iOS application where MIHGradientView is used to create the background gradient.

Attention: The following image is from closed source project which uses the MIHGradientView component and the images and source codes of this project are not contained by the MIHGradientView project and license!

Screenshot of MIHGradientView in production use