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Eaze - iOS Cleanflight Configurator

Completely written in Swift. Available for free on the App Store.
More info and links:



Tune your Cleanflight flight controller with ease from your iPhone or iPad. Just hook up a bluetooth module to your radio controlled aircraft, and you're ready to go!

Eaze is a 100% free and open source Cleanflight Configurator, it features:

  • Minimalist PID tuning screen
  • Easy PID backup and restore
  • A host of configuration options
  • Fully functional command line interface
  • Easy auto-connect

All in a minimalist layout.

Eaze requires a HM10 Bluetooth module to work, which is available for $2 on eBay. Head over to for an in-depth tutorial on the setup procedure.

Some notes

  • Because of a bug we can't use the splitViewController in Preferences.storyboard for iPhones (instead, it uses a different entry point).
  • This project uses both a folder structure and a XCode group structure. Make sure they stay identical to eachother.
  • If you need some code only to be included in the debug builds and not in release versions, use #if DEBUG (declared in Build Settings -> Swift Compiler Misc Flags)
  • SwiftWebVC.swift has one edit: prefersStatusBarHidden() has been added (returns true)

I have finished a Touch R/C Controller feature (uses MSP_SET_RAW_RC) but I decided not to incorporate it in the main version for various reasons described here. Also, the HM10 seems to be too slow for the high data rates required. If you want to try to get it to work (it has not been tested yet, be careful!) you can download the project here.



But feel free to fork this project and reuse code. Apple does not accept GPL software to the App Store, which is why I simply use ©.