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README - Spring RTS lobby protocol

What is Spring RTS?

Spring (formerly TASpring) is an Open Source Real Time Strategy game engine. Visit our project homepage for help, suggestions, bugs, community forum and everything spring related.

What is the lobby protocol used for?

Lobby clients and servers use this protocol to communicate together. The lobby-system is where players get together to chat and organize games.

You can inspect the protocol in a human readable form by opening ProtocolDescription.xml in your browser, if it supports XSL.


  • ProtocolDescription.xml - the main document, describing the individual commands
  • ProtocolDescription.dtd - can be used to validate syntactical correctness of ProtocolDescription.xml
  • ProtocolDescription_xml2html.xsl - can be used to generate a human readable HTML form of ProtocolDescription.xml
  • - this read-me

You can get the latest official version of these files here.

A readable Page is automaticly generated every night.

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