A minimal wrapper for LevelDB in Objective C
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This is a simple wrapper for Google's LevelDB. LevelDB is a fast key-value store written by Google.


  1. Drag LevelDB.h and LevelDB.mm into your project.
  2. Clone Google's leveldb, preferably as a submodule of your project
  3. In the leveldb library source directory, run make PLATFORM=IOS to build the library file
  4. Add libleveldb.a to your project as a dependency
  5. Add the leveldb/include path to your header path
  6. Make sure any class that imports leveldb is a .mm file. LevelDB is written in C++, so it can only be included by an Objective-C++ file


LevelDB *ldb = [LevelDB databaseInLibraryWithName:@"test.ldb"];

//test string
[ldb setObject:@"laval" forKey:@"string_test"];
NSLog(@"String Value: %@", [ldb getString:@"string_test"]);

//test dictionary
[ldb setObject:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:@"val1", @"key1", @"val2", @"key2", nil] forKey:@"dict_test"];
NSLog(@"Dictionary Value: %@", [ldb getDictionary:@"dict_test"]);
[super viewDidLoad];


Distributed under the MIT license