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Simpleconfig is a library that gives your Go project a flexible configuration mechanism. It is inspired by the configuration system for Redis. It can read config from different sources (a file, string, or io.Reader), and write it to an arbitrary struct or map.

The simpleconfig format is primitive -- it ignores lines that are blank or start with a pound sign #. Otherwise, it expects lines to have the format key value, where key and value are strings separated by a blank space.

As an example of a configuration file, see redis.conf


Simpleconfig is a go package, so it can be installed with:

  • goinstall github.com/hoisie/simpleconfig
  • Clone the repo and run 'make install'
  • Or, just copy and paste simpleconfig.go into a new file in your project to avoid the dependency (but you won't get updates)


Simpleconfig has two methods:

func Read(source interface{}) (map[string]string, os.Error)
func Unmarshal(dst interface{}, source interface{}) os.Error

The first method takes a source (either a string, or an io.Reader), and returns a map[string]string holding the configuration. If the source argument is a string, it tries to open a file by the name, and if that fails, it treats the string itself as the configuration data.

The second method is more useful, it takes the configuration contained in source and tries to write it to the value represented by dst. For example, if you have a struct holding configuration variables, and a string with the values:

type Config struct{
    Option1 string
    Option2 bool
    Option3 int64

var configString = `
#Sample configuration

option1 hello
option2 true
option3 101

You can write:

var config Config
err := simpleconfig.Unmarshal(&config, configString)