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Client-Certificate Sample

A sample shows client-certificate usage in Electron. In this sample, we launch a https server, and create our own Server/Client Certificates with a local CA.

How to run

  1. Generate all the required PEM formate files by running ./ssl/setup.sh script. One the script is done, all the generated files are under ssl/ folder.

  2. Import rootCA.crt and client.p12 to your system.

  3. Run node server.js to launch a https server https://localhost:5000.

  4. Run the app in electron, and you will view a approved in the webpage.


If you visit https://localhost:5000 in Chrome, the Chrome browser will prompt up a window to let users to select the CA certificates, which is a default browser behavior.

Unlike browser, Electron will use the first matched certificate by default.

The --client-certificate switch command doesn't work if there are no matched certificates in OS, the bug is tracked in atom/electron#1956. And the switch only supports no-password protected PEM format file. In this sample, the file is client.crt.