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killswitch is a proxy api for hokkqi/yiff and probably various other random image sites

Supported Sites:


If you don't see a site that's supported yet, but should be, open an Issue or if you're the owner of the API, make a PR!

Please include a Link to the Documentation of the API, if possible, otherwise a Link to a Discord Server* where I can ask questions is also ok!

*(Don't Advertise random Servers that have noting to do with a API/Service or you'll be banned from this Repo)


All of these examples require you to have either Docker or Node and Git installed

Usage through Docker

Setting up a Killswitch Instance is as easy as running

sudo docker run -p 42069:3000 -d hokkqi/killswitch

NOTE: By default, Killswitch redirects to the Wiki if no REDIRECT Environment Variable is provided.

Building the Docker Image yourself (with custom options)

git clone

cd killswitch

sudo docker build --build-arg PORT=YourPort --build-arg REDIRECT= -t hokkqi/killswitch .

Node / TS-Node

git clone

cd killswitch

npm run build && npm run start

ts-node index.ts


For Docs, see the Wiki


Proxy API for hokkqi/yiff



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