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This document describes integration of a native Android app to HolaCDN.

  • Currently supports MediaPlayer, VideoView and ExoPlayer (HLS mode only)
  • Android version 4.4 and above is required.

Note: An iOS version is also available.

If you have any questions, email us at, or skype: holacdn


  • On app start init HolaCDN by calling init method.

    Signature: void org.hola.cdn_sdk.init(Context ctx, String customer, Bundle extra, Handler callback);

  • Initialization occurs asynchronically. During that process two messages may be send to callback handler (with different "what" properties):

    org.hola.cdn_sdk.api.SERVICE_CONNECTED: it's send when api is connected to CDN service.

    org.hola.cdn_sdk.api.WEBSOCKET_CONNECTED: it's send when CDN service is connected to internal CDN code.

  • function to check state:

    boolean org.hola.cdn_sdk.api.is_inited() - returns true if service is started

    boolean org.hola.cdn_sdk.api.is_connected() - returns true if service exists and is connected to the internal CDN code

    boolean org.hola.cdn_sdk.api.is_attached() - returns true if service exists and the wrapper is attached to MediaPlayer

  • init example (inside an Activity):

    org.hola.cdn_sdk.api m_hola_cdn = new org.hola.cdn_sdk.api(); Handler m_callback = new Handler(){ @Override public void handleMessage(Message msg){ Log.d("Demo", Integer.toString(msg.what); } }; Bundle extra = new Bundle(); extra.putString("hola_mode", "stats"); m_hola_cdn.init(this, "demo", extra, m_callback);


Attachment is required to activate HolaCDN features. At the moment, cdn mode for MediaPlayer object and HLS source is functional. Example:

MediaPlayer m_player = new MediaPlayer(); if (!m_hola_cdn.is_connected()) Log.d("Demo", "HolaCDN isn't connected, skip attaching"); else m_player = m_hola_cdn.attach(m_player);

Afterwards, m_player instance can be used as a regular MediaPlayer object.

Also, HolaCDN SDK supports:

  • VideoView+Google IMA (see imademo)
  • ExoPlayer+HLS (see exoplayerdemo)


void org.hola.cdn_sdk.api.get_stats() - outputs current HolaCDN stats to logcat