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Hola C Challenge (2012-2014)

Thanks to all the participants of the Hola C challenge and congratulations to the winners (see the winners list) - winning a total of 82,000 USD. We are no longer accepting any new C challenge responses, but we may re-open this C challenge again in the future.


  • Look at main(): it calls various functions.
  • You are asked to implement two functions: str_cpy() and str_cat(). No need to implement str_printf() and str_free() (Jungo employees: you are required to implement them).
  • Reading main() carefully will allow to understand str_cpy() and str_cat() signature and usage.
  • The code you write needs to be "library quality"; as good as you would expect a good libc to implement such functions.
  • At the top of the page, you see 4 includes - indicating the functions that can be used to implement str_cpy() and str_cat().
  • You have 15 minutes to implement the whole solution.
  • FYI: It is possible to implement str_cpy() and str_cat() efficiently in no more than 7 lines of code per function, and in less than 5 minutes.
  • Every "perfect" solution wins 2000 USD. If not perfect - we will provide comments, and if "perfect" on 2nd try, you win 1000 USD.
/* Copyright (C) Hola 2014
 * Welcome to Challenge!
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdarg.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    char *s = NULL;
    str_cpy(&s, "Hola Hola");
    str_cpy(&s, s+5);
    str_cat(&s, " World");
    str_printf(&s, "%s!", s);
    puts(s); /* result: "Hola World!" */
    return 0;

Winners List

Are you one of the best C coders in the world? The following people have submitted a "perfect" solution and received the prize (total prizes given 82,000 USD):

Date Name Home Town Referred by
21-Feb-2012 Bahaa A. Haifa --
1-Mar-2012 Avner S. Ginot Shomron Dmitry V.
4-Mar-2012 Igor L. Haifa Dmitry V.
11-Mar-2012 George M. Jerusalem Michael S.
19-Mar-2012 S. L. Tel Aviv Igor L.
20-Mar-2012 Eyal B. Tel Aviv Igor L.
21-Mar-2012 Felix K. Nirit --
26-Mar-2012 Zeev T. Petach Tikva Igor G.
27-Mar-2012 Costy B. -- Yuri P.
28-Mar-2012 A. W. Tel Aviv --
29-Mar-2012 Haggai E. Yokneam Ilia K.
1-Apr-2012 Shachar R. Haifa Ilia K.
2-Apr-2012 Adam K. Holon Pavel K.
1-Apr-2012 Ilia K. Haifa --
4-Apr-2012 C. B. Or Yehuda Yuri P.
8-Apr-2012 A. Kaplan Holon Pavel K.
8-Apr-2012 Elazar L. Lod --
9-Apr-2012 N. Elner Nesher --
10-Apr-2012 Dmitry L. Or Yehuda Pavel K.
11-Apr-2012 Lev V. Kiryat Yam David M.
16-Apr-2012 Jonathan P. Bat-Yam A. W.
16-Apr-2012 Yaniv S. Lod N. Dayan
18-Apr-2012 Elad D. Tel Aviv Shlomo M.
19-Apr-2012 Dmitriy L. Ashdod --
29-Apr-2012 Dror S. Petach Tikva Elad D.
30-Apr-2012 Yoni R. Tel Aviv --
30-Apr-2012 Ziv S. Raanana --
6-May-2012 Amit W. Kiryat Motzkin Eli T.
8-May-2012 Gil M. Rishon Letzion --
16-May-2012 Koby W. Tel Aviv --
28-Jun-2012 Opher L. Kfar Saba --
1-Jul-2012 Gil S. Haifa --
3-Jul-2012 Avi K. Raanana Roni L.
4-Jul-2012 Kirill H. Haifa --
17-Jul-2012 Roni L. Raanana --
19-Jul-2012 Noam B. Kiryat Motzkin --
10-Sep-2012 Dimitry R. Haifa --
28-Sep-2012 Hagai B. Kfar Hachoresh --
9-Oct-2012 Avishay T. Modiin Assaf A.
25-Oct-2012 Tomer G. Tel Aviv Hagai B.
8-Nov-2012 Yuval G. Tel Aviv --
26-Nov-2012 Ben L. Rosh Haayin --
27-Nov-2012 Gal R. Tel Aviv --
2-Dec-2012 Sergey P. Petah Tiqwa --
11-Dec-2012 Yannay L. Givat Shmuel Yuval G.
23-Dec-2012 Stas O. Tel Aviv Oleg B.
1-Jan-2013 Mikhail G. Norway --
13-Jan-2013 Nachman S. Tzfat Menachem M.
30-Jan-2013 Slavik M. -- Pesach G.
25-Feb-2013 Victor V. Netanya Vadim S.
18-Mar-2013 Lior K. Rishon Eli B.
19-Mar-2013 E. G. Tel Aviv Yigal S.
20-Jul-2013 Amit F. Hogla --
3-Oct-2013 Victor I. Ukraine --
3-Oct-2013 Alexey F. Norway --
20-Oct-2013 Maxim I. Ireland --
21-Oct-2013 Novikov D. Russia --
23-Oct-2013 Roman B. Netanya Alexander G.
24-Oct-2013 Gregory S. Haifa --
11-Nov-2013 Julien P. Norway Alexey F.
11-Nov-2013 Atis E. Latvija --
28-Nov-2013 Konstantin M. Netanya --
9-Dec-2013 Nikolay P. Ukraine --
24-Dec-2013 Vadim D. Ukraine --
29-Dec-2013 Egor P. Russia Andrey K.
29-Dec-2013 Dmitry B. Ukraine Olga K.
27-Jan-2014 Andrey Z. Russia --
2-Mar-2014 Oren B. Poland Roman B.
9-Mar-2014 Ilya K. Russia --
23-Mar-2014 Stanislav J. Bulgaria --

(If you're listed above and want us to publish your full name or to remove your name, email