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This document describes integration of a native iOS app to HolaCDN.


iOS 7+ or tvOS 9+ required.

At the moment, HolaCDN works with AVPlayer or AVQueuePlayer, only with AVURLAsset+HLS videos. Custom AVAssetResourceLoaderDelegate is not yet supported (coming soon).

Note: An Android version is also available.

If you have any questions, email us at, or skype: holacdn



  • Download the latest release

  • Add hola-cdn-sdk.xcodeproj into your project

  • In your Target, click + in Linked Frameworks and Libraries, add libHolaCDN.a

via CocoaPods

  • Add the pod into your Podfile:
pod "HolaCDN", "~> 1.3.0" # HolaCDN API has been changed from 1.2.x versions


  • Create a new instance of HolaCDN with desired parameters
    • customer: String - required parameter, your customerId
    • zone: String? - optional parameter to force zone selection. In case of nil will be selected automatically according to your customer's HolaCDN config
    • mode: String? - optional parameter to force cdn mode selection. In case of nil will be selected automatically according to your customer's HolaCDN config; supported options are: nil, "origin_cdn", "hola_cdn".
let cdn = HolaCDN(customer: "your_customer_id", usingZone: nil, andMode: "hola_cdn")
  • (optional) You may set a timeout for loading HolaLibrary and assets
// In case if timeout reached while HolaLibrary loading, HolaCDN SDK will use saved version.
// In case if timeout reached while asset loading, it will play without HolaCDN (not to make you wait).
cdn.loaderTimeout = 5.0 // in seconds; by default: 2.0
  • HolaLibrary loading occurs automatically and asynchronically

During that process some delegate methods could be called:

  • cdnDidLoaded(cdn: HolaCDN) -> Void: when HolaCDN code is loaded & inited

  • cdnExceptionOccured(cdn: HolaCDN, withError: NSError) -> Void: when something goes wrong while executing HolaCDN code

  • How to check HolaCDN state:

    • cdn.get_mode(completionBlock: (String?) -> Void): Async method, returns current cdn mode into completionBlock:

      • "loading" - CDN js code is loading
      • "detached" - CDN is loaded, not attached to a player
      • "disabled" - CDN is in automatic mode and disabled for current config
      • "origin_cdn" - CDN is attached and working in Origin CDN mode
      • "hola_cdn" - CDN is attached and working in HolaCDN mode
    • via Safari inspector:

      • Enable Safari developer mode in the preferences
      • Run your app in a Simulator or connected device
        • To enable this option in your device, look into Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Web-inspector
      • Find the app in Safari -> Develop -> Simulator (or the device name) menu
      • in the dev tools console, run hola_cdn.get_stats()
        • you should see detailed cdn stats at the moment
        • if you see undefined - it means cdn is not working properly
  • (optional) You may create a class which conforms to HolaCDNDelegate protocol to handle some HolaCDN callbacks:

protocol HolaCDNDelegate: NSObjectProtocol {
    optional func cdnDidLoaded(cdn: HolaCDN) -> Void
    optional func cdnDidAttached(cdn: HolaCDN) -> Void
    optional func cdnDidDetached(cdn: HolaCDN) -> Void
    optional func cdnStateChanged(cdn: HolaCDN, toState state: String) -> Void
    optional func cdnExceptionOccured(cdn: HolaCDN, withError: NSError) -> Void
  • (optional) Set the delegate
// in case if you have implemented the protocol for the current ViewController
cdn.delegate = self

Create a player or player item

There are multiple ways to attach your video to HolaCDN

let url = NSURL("")

let myPlayer = cdn.playerWithURL(url)


var myPlayer = AVPlayer()
myPlayer = cdn.attach(myPlayer)

let item = cdn.playerItemWithURL(url)

or similar methods for AVQueuePlayer:

let myPlayer1 = cdn.queuePlayerWithURL(url)
let item1 = AVPlayerItem(URL: url)
let item2 = AVPlayerItem(URL: url2)
let myPlayer2 = cdn.queuePlayerWithItems([item1, item2])



import HolaCDN

class PlayerViewController: AVPlayerViewController, HolaCDNDelegate {
    var cdn: HolaCDN!
    override func viewDidLoad() {

        cdn = HolaCDN(customer: "demo", usingZone: nil, andMode: "hola_cdn")
        cdn.delegate = self

        let url = NSURL(string: "")!
        self.player = cdn.playerWithURL(url)

    func cdnDidLoaded(cdn: HolaCDN) {
        NSLog("cdn did loaded")

    func cdnDidAttached(cdn: HolaCDN) {
        NSLog("cdn did attached! \(cdn.get_mode())")


#import "hola_cdn_sdk.h"

@implementation PlayerViewController

HolaCDN* cdn;
AVPlayer* player;

- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];

    cdn = [HolaCDN cdnWithCustomer:@"demo" usingZone:nil andMode:@"hola_cdn"];
    [cdn setDelegate:self]; // Your delegate class should be compatible with HolaCDNDelegate

    NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:@""];
    player = [cdn playerWithURL:url];
    [cdn attach:player];

-(void)cdnDidLoaded:(HolaCDN *)cdn {
    NSLog(@"cdn did loaded!");

-(void)cdnDidAttached:(HolaCDN *)cdn {
    [cdn get_mode:^(NSString *mode) {
        NSLog(@"cdn did attached! %@", mode);



HolaCDN logs has own format: [LEVEL/module:instance_id] message

[INFO/cdn:1] New HolaCDN instance created
[INFO/cdn:1] Loading...
[INFO/cdn:1] Attach
[INFO/Item:1] Init
[INFO/Item:2] Init
[WARN/Proxy:1] getDelegate: delegate is undefined
[WARN/Proxy:1] Trying to execute js: 'on_play'; no delegate found!
[INFO/cdn:1] Use fresh-loaded HolaCDN library
[INFO/Proxy:1] HolaCDN attaching...
[INFO/Proxy:2] HolaCDN attaching...
[INFO/cdn:1] Loaded

You can choose required level by calling this method:

HolaCDN.setLogLevel(.Debug) // Possible values are: .None, .Debug, .Info, .Warning, .Error, .Critical

And set modules available to output:

HolaCDN.setLogModules([]) // defaut value, all modules
HolaCDN.setLogModules(["cdn", "loader", "network"]) // main HolaCDN logs, HolaCDNLoaderDelegate delegate logs and networking logs

The instance_id is useful when you're using AVQueuePlayer with multiple assets – then you can filter logs by it using XCode filter field. For example, filter by :2] will shows you logs for the second asset and related HolaCDN modules.

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