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A modular system for making kinetic sculptures
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Modular Automata

Automata are mechanical devices that imitate life. Building these machines is fun an can teach both adults and children to think about mechanical movements and problem-solving.

Getting started is sometimes difficult so we created a simple template to get you up and running. It provides a base that can be oriented in different ways depending on the mechanism you are building, and it has multiple aligned points for adding components. This way it serves as an open-ended platform for experimentation.

We like using inexpensive tools an materials like cardboard, foam core, straws and skewers. And we made a template version that can be printed and be cut by hand, and some versions using a CNC cutter or a laser cutter which can be useful if you want to create kits for yourself or your students.

Head over to the wiki for further information and examples.

This is a project of the Scientific Arts Department at Heart of Los Angeles for questions and comments send us a message on Twitter, Instagram or via email

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