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Unified login for rails using the Authlogic authentication library, OpenID and the OpenID Javascript Selector (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) + Facebook and Auto registration.
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Authlogic OpenID-Selector Example

This is an example of how to use Authlogic in combination with the Javascript OpenID-Selector and Facebook authentication thrown in a Rails app.

Live Example can be found here:

Please check the following pages to find more information about the applications used to build this example:

What does this example app contain?

  1. OpenID User registration using Javascript OpenID-Selector.

  2. Automatically log users in upon successful OpenID registration, saving his OpenID identifier and (if returned) his email address.

2b. Auto Registration of users, no registration required for first time Facebook/Google/Yahoo etc.

  1. A my account area where the user can view / delete his account.

  2. Login/Logout functionality.

  3. Automatically store information on the users and their session in the databases. Such as login count, IP address, when they logged in last, and when their last activity occurred.

  4. Count how many users are logged in / out in your system.



  • Use this application to build a Rails plugin…feel free to help me on this one!

  • Fix auto registration for correct capturing of emails and get rid of registration altogether

  • Replace Open ID registration with simple old school registration for users who don't want to use OpenID at all or facebook, etc.

  • Twitter addition? (OAuth)


Some fine tuning is needed.

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