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A github bot that fixes others peoples code and spelling mistakes. In the future also will provide code quality reports for things it can't autofix.

Backend Requirements:

  • Ocaml >= 4
  • opam (if not installed might result in The constructor Tpat_construct expects 4 argument(s), but is applied here to 5 argument(s))
  • Recent[ish] version of Perl 5 (was built against 5.14.2)
  • Perl depdencies are brought in through the make file
  • Recent[ish] version of Python (was built against 2.7.3)
  • pfff [auto installed under 3rd party]
  • Coccinelle [auto installed under 3rd party] Fronted:
  • django >= 1.4
  • django-csvimport

Update backend/settings.yml to have your credientals


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