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$a = split("www", "coffeewwwpandas",1);
$b= split("/www/", "coffeewwwpandas");
$c = preg_split("/www/i", "coffeewwwpandas");
$d = spliti("www", "coffeewwwpandas",1);
print $a[0];
print "\n";
print $b[0];
print "\n";
print $c[0];
$date = "04/30/1973";
list($month, $day, $year) = split('[/.-]', $date);
echo "Month: $month; Day: $day; Year: $year<br />\n";
if (hash_hmac("md5",$date,"panda") == $date) {
echo "sad pandas\n";
$date_md5_hmac = hash_hmac("md5",$date,"panda");
if (hash_hmac("md5",$date,"panda") == $date_md5_hmac) {
echo "happy pandas\n";
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