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  • Add support for Spark 2.3.1, 2.1.3
  • Add better sized generators
  • Improve logging for differing output sizes


  • Add Spark 2.1.2
  • Add Spark 2.3.0


  • Add support for Spark 2.2.1


  • Add initial draft support for structured streaming.


  • Fix Scala 2.10 Spark 2.0.X, 2.1.X context reuse reflection issue.


  • Re-add Scala 2.10 support up to and including Spark 2.2.X series
  • Attempt to make it so that users doing SQL tests without Hive don't need the hive jars.
  • Don't reset the SparkSession provider when in reuse mode.
  • Add workaround for inaccessible active context info in Spark 2.0
  • Upgrade to Hadoop 2.8.1 for mini cluster
  • Change build env after travis changes


  • Add experimental support to for reusing a SparkContext/Session across multiple suites. For Spark 2.0+ only.


  • Upgrade mini cluster hadoop dependencies
  • Add support for Spark 2.2.0
  • YARNCluster now requires SPARK_HOME to be set so as to configure spark.yarn.jars (workaround for YARN bug from deprecated code in Spark 2.2).


  • Add Python RDD comparisons
  • Switch to JDK8 for Spark 2.1.1+
  • Add back Kafka tests
  • Make it easier to disable Hive support when running tests
  • Add Spark 2.1.1 to the build
  • Misc internal style cleanup (more help always welcome!)
  • README update
  • Some methods made protected which used to be public, recompile required.


  • Updated scalatest dependency to 3.0.1 (from 2.X) minor breaking changes with RNG
  • Updated scalacheck to 1.13.4
  • Added support for specifying custom generators for fields nested in StructTypes
    • Renamed ColumnGenerator to Column
    • Changed ColumnGenerator to the base class of column generators
    • Added ColumnList to specify custom generators for a list of columns