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Fast-paced game involving arithmetic and functional programming
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Create the numbers on the stack on the right (top first).


  • LEFT/RIGHT: Move Pete.
  • UP: Pick up block.
  • DOWN: Drop block.
  • SPACE: Drop block from input stack.
  • 1,2,3,4: Drop a +, -, *, /.
  • SHIFT (+DOWN, SPACE, 1, 2, 3, 4): Drop and activate block.

You can play the game at (shortlink:


  • Follow directions to download elm at
  • To build html file, open up command prompt in the folder and type "make".



  • Various beautifications.


  • Add game over screen.
  • Change input block frequencies

7-2-15 (2):

  • Changed the activation rule to: block is activated if you press SHIFT when releasing. Pressing number directly releases the block, sidestepping Pete having to hold it first.

7-2-15 (1):

  • Changed the game so that incoming blocks can be placed at Pete's leisure using SPACE, and the basic operation blocks +, -, *, / can be accessed using 1, 2, 3, 4. New output blocks come in every n seconds where n starts out being 10. Game ends when output blocks overflow.
  • Added randomness (uses seed based on time).
  • TODO: Game over screen, make it easier to activate blocks (right now it's very clunky). E.g., use Shift-# or Shift-SPACE.


  • Stacks receive new blocks from the bottom. Basic game works, but there is no game-over condition. No higher-order function blocks yet.
  • Problem: It's very hard to use the new blocks because they come from the bottom. This means I try to shift entire stacks of blocks in a panicky way as the stacks fill up.
  • I think having the stacks overflow is a distraction. Rather make the "next integers" stack be the one that keeps increasing and overflows.
  • How can I keep new blocks coming in? Coming in from the bottom doesn't work. Coming in from the top covers up the work Pete has just done. How about coming in from a separate stack?
  • Idea: Be able to use the basic operations anytime (have an unlimited supply of them).
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