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This is built off of Node-Login.

Matches people in a community for conversation.

Features from Node-Login

  • New User Account Creation
  • Secure Password Reset via Email
  • Ability to Update / Delete Account
  • Session Tracking for Logged-In Users
  • Local Cookie Storage for Returning Users
  • Blowfish-based Scheme Password Encryption

Heart-to-heart is built on top of the following libraries :

Installation & Setup

  1. Install Node.js & MongoDB if you haven't already.

  2. Clone this repository and install its dependencies.

     > git clone git:// heart2heart
     > cd heart2heart
     > npm install
  3. In a separate shell start the MongoDB daemon.

     > mongod
  4. From within the node-login directory, start the server.

     > node app
  5. Open a browser window and navigate to: http://localhost:3000

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