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This setup uses CakePHP as a Model-View-Controller website. Uses DRY (don't repeat yourself) pricipal to abstract as much code as possible.

The entire directory is stored in a git repository and changes are tracked by git. The plugins are their own repositories. There are changes to these repos to customize them to this project.

folders & files: app - contains most of the application code config - setup configurations for db as well as environment and caching controllers - each controller works as a separate interface between a view and a model libs - not used local - for translations, not used models - the setup for database interfaces, methods can be created to do specific things plugins - outside code, structured as cakephp applications within other applicatons facebook - plugin to allow facebook login - media - plugin to allow users to upload files - spark_plug - user authentcation and ACL - tests - Unit Tests for test driven developemnt, not used tmp - log files, etc. vendors - not used views - view files for each interface classe - views for classe controller index.ctp - index view view.ctp - view method view elements - parts of pages that can be loaded into other pages email - not used sqldebugtoggle.ctp - shows sql run on each page for debuging errors - all error files ex 404 or controller errors groups - show group listings helpers - allows for loading of code using php gravitar.php - creates an image tag linking to a person's gravitar - layouts - main view wrapping for each situation email - not used js - not used rss - not used xml - not used blank.ctp - template for page to view without nav and header - used on part view as part of popout default.ctp - main layout of page. webroot - web accessible files, CSS, javascript, images CSS - all CSS files blueprint - blueprint css framework fwc.css - site specific css jquwey.fancybox-1.3.4.css - style for popouts files - used for downloads, not used img - all images for site js - all javascript for site media - user uploads filter - various sizes of images created durring upload process static - orignial file upload transfer - tmp file for uploads css.php - loads all css in css file to header of template favicon.ico - favicon index.php - handles all requests, passes to other controllers test.php - runs tests cake - cakephp code, can be updated independantly from app code db_dump - MySQL database dumps, most recent can be used to setup database plugins - site wide plugins, not used vendors - interfaces to other software, not used

urls: work as root/controller/method/argument1/argument2/argument3 root/uploads/ : Uploads -add -adds an upload root/profile : User profiles -view/:id -view the user's profile -index -Show all users - available to Admins root/users :user login and management -index -show all users -available to admins -add -creates a user -available to admins -login -login screen -logout -log out -register -user creates new account -activate_password -email activation of password -change_password -user change password -login_as_user -admins can log in as s specific user -forgot_password -password recovery root/posts :news stories -index -list news posts blog style -add -add a post -manage -delete or edit posts -delete/:id -deletes post with id edit/:id -edit post with id root/classe :classification structure -view/:id -view a class & subclasses using id -index -shows all classes root/parts :part listing -index -shows all parts in a list -view/:id -shows part desc page w/ 3d cad preview

Cakephp README:

CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP which uses commonly known design patterns like Active Record, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller and MVC. Our primary goal is to provide a structured framework that enables PHP users at all levels to rapidly develop robust web applications, without any loss to flexibility.

The Cake Software Foundation - promoting development related to CakePHP

CakePHP - the rapid development PHP framework

Cookbook - user documentation for learning about CakePHP

API - quick reference to CakePHP

The Bakery - everything CakePHP

The Show - live and archived podcasts about CakePHP and more

CakePHP Google Group - community mailing list and forum

#cakephp on - chat with CakePHP developers irc://

CakeForge - open development for CakePHP

CakePHP gear

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