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Snapshot BS Release Notes

Snapshot BS was created by George Drummond for Hainault Forest High School. Below are some quick notes on its usage and how to get it up and running.

I strongly suggest using Heroku as it makes life a lot easier!

Requirements to run

Snapshot is built using ruby on rails and has a number of requirements to run. It requires Ruby, Rubygems, Rails, a database, git, and I also suggest memcached. Heroku takes care of all of this.

Running on Heroku

The easiest option is to use Heroku as you can deploy the application with a single command. Sign up for a heroku account and follow their deployment documentation here and here. Once deployed please go to the bootstrapping the database section of this guide.

Installing in house

Running the app in house might sound like a nice idea but it is a lot harder to do than via heroku. If you wish to host it in house you will be required to set up a server (I strongly suggest a Linux server) to run the app. The easiest and most reliable method of installation will probably be via phusion passenger but I don't recommend this for a novice.

For a choice of database I suggest PostgreSQL. You will need to visit their site for installation and configuration instructions. You will also need to configure the database within the app (see config/database.yml).

Bootstrapping the Database

Snapshot DB needs a student list and staff list to populate the database before the app can be run. For help with this please see db/README.markdown for a guide on how to set up the seed data.

Once all this seed data is checked into your repository (run git add . && git commit -a -m 'seed data' from the command line from the apps root directory) run one of the following commands.


git push
heroku console
heroku rake db:schema:load
heroku rake db:seed

Own server

bundle exec rake db:schema:load
bundle exec rake db:seed

Taking database backups

Heroku makes it very easy to make database backups and the guide for this can be found here.

To run backups on your own server you will need to read up on the documentation provided by the database authors but it shouldnt be too hard to work out.

Sending Emails

Snapshot BS sends out a number of emails to users when accounts are created etc. For this I am using postmarkapp and you will need to sign up for an account and obtain an api key which you must enter into config/environments/production.rb.


Released under the MIT License