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WebLeecher BETA v0.4 Development Branch

This is an unstable branch meant for development and testing, although it might be unstable, it also includes the latest changes.

The Ruby code behind the App is being developed by Revy.

The Rails port and web interface are being worked out by Leeroy.

Beta Releases:

  • v0.4.3 Beta

    • The "Generate DLC" button has been renamed to "Download DLC". The New search page (new.html.erb) now allows the user to choose wether he/she would like the search to generate a DLC file or not. If the user chooses to generate a DLC, the "Download DLC" button will show up in the results page (show.html.erb). This should reduce the wait time for those who do not need the DLC file.
    • The generated DLC's name was just a random combination of digits from 0 to 9, it has been changed to a more complex and secure hex value to avoid repetition while the /tmp/ folder hasn't gone through the daily erase.
  • v0.4.2 Beta

    • A "Generate DLC" button has been added to the Results page (show.html.erb).
    • It is now possible to search for 13 different download providers rather than just [MU] links.
    • Some significant styling.
  • v0.4.1 Beta

    • Initial Search submit form (new.html.erb) has been redesigned for an easier and more intuitive design.
    • A link to the origin thread has been added to the Results page (show.html.erb) for convenience (ex: To check if there is a password to the file).
    • About page has been updated and styled.
    • Minor styling (font styling for the most part).
  • v0.4.0 Beta

    • Bad URI code was being caused by the 35 second limit between searches. To avoid this, the thread links have been added to the values in the update.html.erb so that two forum searches are not performed per actual search, improving performance at the same time.
    • The first thread in the update.html.erb view is now selected by default to avoid server side errors.
    • Minor styling.

Alpha Releases:

  • v0.3.3 Alpha (Beta candidate)

    • The thread selection page now lets the user check a "radio button" rather than having to type the thread number in a text box.
    • Almost done migrating code chunks to the searches_helper file.
  • v0.3.2 Alpha (Beta candidate)

    • Users may now choose the thread prefix through a dropdown select_tag.
    • A "Copy to clipboard!" button has been added to the result show.html.erb page for convenience.
    • Forum category picker now works the way it should (no multiple choice functionality yet).
    • Some minor styling.
    • Added this README to the about.html.erb file.
    • Will release BETA as soon as a few minor bugs are gone.
  • v0.3.1 Alpha (Beta candidate)

    • Simplified the forum category picker using a select_tag
    • Fixed the bad URI bug.
    • A "Reset all fields" button has been added to the initial form in new.html.erb for convenience.
    • BETA Candidate.
  • v0.3.0 Alpha

    • Reworked the whole parsing code so that the app is not dependent of .txt files.
    • Major interface changes.
    • Parsed links now are presented inside a "code-box" for easier selecting.
  • v0.2.0 Alpha

    • Sessions are now being used to avoid having to input login data twice.
    • Links are now correctly parsed and written in the show.html.erb view.
    • Mostly functional, still getting errors when HREFs contains special characters (bad URI).
  • v0.1.0 Alpha

    • Initial ALPHA release.
    • Threadlist is correctly parsed and written to update.html.erb.
    • Link are still not being correctly parsed. Possibly a problem with HTMLs staticness.