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A central place where everyone is welcome to add, review, discuss and (of course) modify translations of episodes. is a cool site dedicated to making the great railscasts series by Ryan Bates more accessible to full-text searches when you're looking for one specific topic.

How it works

This repository is basically really simple: In the folder episodes, you'll find a subfolder for each episode that has at least one translation. The folder name for each episode is simply the episode's number. Inside those episode folders there is a single HTML file for each translation named after the ISO 639 language code. For example 'fr' for French or 'de' for German. Eifion will always try to keep the English versions of each episode up-to-date so they can serve as template for translations. If, however, a folder doesn't exist for a specific episode, there are simply no translations for that episode yet.


Contributing is easy: You can point out typos or translation errors by simply opening up tickets under the Issues section of this repository and mark it with the Found typos or errors label so someone can take care of the issue. Or you can fork the repository and submit your own translations. Simply use the Fork button to create your own version of this repository that you can clone to your computer and push your submits to. If you have submitted something, please use the Pull request button in your repository to notify the collaborators of the original.


If you want to participate, simply head over to the Wiki and look up any episode in your preferred language that's not marked pending or translated. When you start working on your translation, please update the wiki entry for that specific episode in your language as pending so others can avoid doing redundant work.

Project Structure

  • .gitignore

    Keeping the repository clean from temp files and the infamous .DS_Store files

  • README.markdown

    This file

  • doc/

    Serving as container for translations of this file.

  • episodes/

    Containing the episodes. Special folder: 000_summaries. It may contain short summaries (and their respective translations, of course) for the episodes.

  • template.html

    A blank html template for new episodes.