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Baskit Example Project

Getting started

To bootstrap the build environment and build the project:

# Assuming we're inside the baskit base directory
cd example
php ../baskit

# Let's symlink the isotoma directory which contains common baskit tasks and targets
# you could also cp this in, but I'm avoiding the clutter for the example project.
ln -s ../isotoma ./isotoma

# Build the project with Phing

ls -lah
# You should now see bin, parts and var directories, with several scripts
# and dependencies installed.

$EDITOR build.xml # Take a look for your self


This example build doesn't perform any database migrations and it doesn't initialise Wordpress when it installs it to ./parts (which is done by calling the Wordpress installation scripts), this is because we obviously can't know what database setup you have in place when trying out this example project.

Some example migrations are included in ./migrations but are never run, to run these you would first make sure the database settings in (baskit.db.*) are correct, and then use the following Phing target call in build.xml:

<!-- Run DB migrations -->
<phing phingfile="isotoma/targets/migrations.xml" inheritRefs="true" target="migrate"/>