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1.6.1 -> 1.7.0
A list of changed files is available after release here:
Improvements :
- Homefront : additions to support last game server patches
- Urban Terror : improved damagehandling
- Cod7 : the !kick command will now display the reason the the kicked player
- BFBC2 and MoH : fix map related commands when game mode would change at next round
- XLRstats added options to hide/disregard ingame playerbots
- Store IP aliases for players
- ftp, sftp and http now able to append to local log
- add experimental support for sqlite databases
- Punkbuster Plugin: FTP support to update pbbans.dat
- many minor fixes and improvements
New games supported :
- Support for Soldier of Fortune 2 (modified ROCmod by:
- Beta support for Frontlines, Fuel of War
Changes for plugin developers :
- all games : new event EVT_GAME_MAP_CHANGE available
- all games : data provided with EVT_CLIENT_BAN_TEMP and EVT_CLIENT_BAN changed to provide more info (might break some plugins)
- the !reconfig command will call onLoadConfig() from all plugins
1.6.0 -> 1.6.1
A list of changed files is available after release here:
- Improvements to win32 installer
- Added eventstats to verbose mode to monitor eventqueue
- Improvements to Homefront parser
- Improvements to CoD7 parser (kick reason)
- Fixes to --update routine
1.5.0 -> 1.6.0
A list of changed files is available after release here:
IMPORTANT: Due to a bug in python 2.6 you can run into unicode errors. Please
update your version of python to at least 2.6.6 to get them fixed.
- Added support for Homefront
- Added support for World of Padman 1.5
- Added beta support for Altitude
- Refactored core files to use unicode
- bugfixes for Call of Duty World at War (in cod parser)
- bugfixes to Call of Duty Black Ops (cod7) parser
1.4.1 -> 1.5.0
A list of changed files is available after release here:
- Support for CoD:BO
- Introduction of the q3a abstractparser
- Introduction of caching for rcon status requests (q3a based parsers)
- Setup procedure improved (can read previous config and install database tables)
- Moved sql files from docs folder to sql folder
- Config section <messages> changed format (no longer uses %s but readable names instead)
- Config section <plugins>: Plugin can start in a disabled state (disabled="Yes")
- XLRstats plugin can now enable on minimum number of players online
- many bugfixes and improvements
1.4.0 -> 1.4.1
A list of changed files is available after release here:
- Support for CoD:MW2 (for servers)
- Rewrite of the frostbite code for MOH and BFBC2
- Improvements to the MOH parser
- Initial Event/Action support for CoD 5 (we need confirmation of cod5 admins that this works)
- Several bugfixes and improvements
1.3.3 -> 1.4.0
A list of changed files is available after release here:
- Medal of Honor 2010 support
- Opena Arena 0.8.1 support
- Restart mode fixed (--restart)
- Remote protocols SFTP and HTTP added
- CoD parsers bugfixes
- Xxlrstats plugin improvements
- Updates to stats plugin
1.3.2 -> 1.3.3
A list of changed files is available after release here:
Maintenance release for bfbc2 parser:
- Adapted to R16+ protocol
- New events added to aid player gear monitoring
- Fixed broken !unban
- Better client authentication
- Hitlocation, weapon and roundscounting now available for stats collecting
1.3.1 -> 1.3.2
A list of changed files is available after release here:
Maintenance release for bfbc2 parser.
- Fixed bfbc2 package error for win32 standalone release.
1.3.0 -> 1.3.1
A list of changed files is available after release here:
Maintenance release for CoD series parsers.
- Preventing invalid PB-id's on authentication
1.2.1 -> 1.3.0
Over 100 files were changed (in almost 500 commits)! We strongly recommend updating the complete bot!
Also make sure you check your saved config files for additions and changes!
A list of changed files is available after release here:
A number of commands were moved from the adminplugin to welcome and pingwatch plugin.
This results in changes to the next config files:
* plugin_admin.xml (some commands were removed)
* plugin_welcome.xml (new command !greeting)
* plugin_pingwatch.xml (new command !ci)
If you're using xlrstats, make sure the database holding the xlrstats tables is upgraded:
* new tables for xlrstats need to be created (run xlrstats.sql or xlrstats-update-to-v2.0.0.sql on the database!)
- Setup procedure added. Initiated with option -s, --setup (can be overridden by -n, --nosetup option)
- b3/plugins/ Fixed badname functionality.
(Also compatible with censorurt)
- Total makeover of the complete cod parser series
* Introduced authentication queue
* fixed _regPlayer regexp
* fixed client synchronisation
* Should now work good for servers with and without PB
- Fixed minor bugs in cod5 parser
- b3/parsers/ improve Urt slot bug workaround as it appears it can occur with slot num different than 0
- B3 checks for updates on startup
- Improvements to ftp functionality
- b3/tools/ add a new feature to B3 : user
command documentation auto generation and update. documentation can
be saved as a full html document, a html table snippet or xml
document. the document can be either saved locally on disk or
uploaded to a FTP server.
- b3/extplugins/
Added history functionality and improved column update. [!!]This
version needs new tables added. Run b3/docs/xlrstats.sql or
b3/docs/xlrstats-update-to-v2.0.0.sql prior to installation!
- b3/plugins/
Moved !ci to pingwatch plugin
Moved !greeting to welcome plugin
Removed redundant commands: about, groups, cmdlevel, newgroup, delgroup, editgroup
- [BETA addition] b3/parsers/, b3/parsers/ PARSER smg is compatible
with SG pior 1.1. smg11 uses the new /tell command for private chat
- [BETA addition] b3/parsers/bfbc2: Parser for BattleField Bad Company 2 (R9 servers)
- B3 now supports connecting to Gameservers via an FTP connection. Read the manual for more details. (Python 2.6+ only!)
- Small improvements to cod parser and cod4 parser
- Added scripts for compiling wininstaller
- Improvements to ioUrT41 parser
- Improvements to publist, will not error on network or server downage
- The console screen now shows startup messages and checks
- Several Core enhancements!
- A parser can now define game specific new penalty types that will be called by b3.admin.penalizeClient()
- Fix custom penalty for censor plugin
- Fix !clear command that failed when a warning given by the bot was active
- Load publist by default and added critical stop if admin plugin is not loaded
- Plugins can specify that they do not require a config file
- Fix default config file picking for plugins
- Added action mechanism
- If masked show masked level instead of real level
- Warning Messages are now, by default, only sent to the warned player and the admin that sent the warning. This is a configurable option, in admin config.
- Fixed !rebuild command for Call of Duty 4.
- Punkbuster plugin now follows levels set in its configuration file.
1.1.5 (not released)
- Minor updates to CoD4 and CoD5 parsers
- Added etpro parser (Enemy Territory with etpro mod installed - et does not support private messaging!)
- Added Smoking Guns parser (Very limited engine, no PM's supported)
- Minor change in so it can be used for etpro
- patched by 'arbscht' to support restarting
- fixed for masked levels
- Fixed CoD4 Parser
- Added CoD5 Parser
- Added sanitation code to status plugin
- Added delay setting and fixed double welcoming to welcome plugin
- Fixed MySQL reconnect for Error 2006: 'MySQL server has gone away'
- In, try to load ElementTree from elementtree, then retry from xml.etree or exit with an explicit message.
- Multiple minor bugfixes
- Added COD4 parser
- COD4 parser uses GUID instead of CID from the log files
- COD4 parser uses GUID in log files as PBID
- Does not use the team from a kill event if it's empty, instead relies on team from previous events - TK plugin works again!
- Made !iamgod work automatically when there are no superadmins in the database, can be completely disabled by adding <set name="iamgod">none</set> to plugin_admin.xml
- Fixed: getWarning errors had the text "getSpam" instead of "getWarning"
- Added a replay log mode. Simply set the config to an old game log and server.replay to on in b3.xml. Only works for COD4 log files. Used to debug b3.
- Fixed to save the last used ip. Fixes empty ip fields in clientrecords and the countryfilter plugin to work properly.
- Added ioUrT41 parser (Urban Terror)
- Added WoP parser (World of Padman)
- Replaced xlrstats plugin with latest version 0.6.0
- Replaced with latest version.
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