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BigBrotherBot (B3) at

The BigBrotherBot (B3) project is a game administration project for advanced game administrators and developers. It provides automatic game administration features that can be configured to a high degree.

Links to our online presence

For developers:

Installation, configuration and usage

A quick and dirty rundown can be found in the b3/docs/README.txt but this is not the preferred documentation, it covers just global steps to take. Please refer to our documentation wiki as linked above for a full manual.

Previous and Current Developers (Hall of Fame)

ThorN, xlr8or, ttlogic, Courgette, Bakes, spacepig, Durzo, eire.32, grosbedo, Freelander, 82ndAB.Bravo17, Just a baka
and a big thanks to you, who has offered us snippets of code and improvements on an incidental basis. Without you B3 wouldn't be this intelligent! (2005-2011)