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Building c/c++ projects is often done with make or an ide backed system a la visual studio/eclipse etc. Makefiles are the most flexible solution, IDEs offer some comfort but configurations are often not very accessible.

cxxproject is a utility library that aims for a simple but still powerful make-alternative for c++ projects. It is heavily based on rake and project configurations are formulated as Ruby EDSL, e.g.:

cxx_configuration do
  exe "basic",
    :sources => FileList['**/*.cpp'],
    :dependencies => ['2']
  exe "debug",
    :sources => FileList['**/*.cpp'],
    :dependencies => ['2_debug']

The base of each cxxproject are a set of building-blocks. One ore more building-blocks are described by a small project.rb file which specifies which

  • sources are to compile
  • includes to add
  • defines to use
  • ...

A typically rakefile that uses this system simply collects all project.rb files and feeds them into the CxxProject2Rake-helper.

require 'cxxproject'

BuildDir="build"['basic/project.rb','lib1/project.rb'], BuildDir, GCCChain)

Why Ruby?

Ruby makes for a nice syntax of the project configurations and gives you the power of a first-class scripting language for any additional things you want to achieve using cxxproject. Of course, EDSLs suffer the drawback that they can be a little awkward to use for non-programmers... but since cxxproject is aimed at programmers that is not an issue for us :) and...not to forget: rake makes a simple but very powerful basis.


see examples directory for some examples of the cxxproject.

  • basic - shows you the basic usage of sourcelibraries, executables and dependencies
  • three_tests - shows you an "real life" example of two test-suites that are linked together to three executable (suite1-exe, suite2-exe and suite1+suite2-exe)


There are three kinds of tests:


gems: rspec, roodi (optional) libs: cppunit (only required for some examples)


rake install

should install the freshly built gem (if you need sudo, please install the package by hand via rake package; sudo gem install pkg/...)

cd examples; rake 

should compile all examples and let the executables run

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