Tools suite for enterprise grade HTML-frontend development.
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Modulaise tools suite

The purpose of the Modulaise tools suite is to assist you in developing quality HTML-frontend code for complex scalable websites.

Table of Contents

What does it do?

You put in modules of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, and out comes concatinated minified CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Best practices approach to developing front end code

Using the Modulaise tools suite, you will be creating front end code that adheres to the Web Performance Best Practices rules, as outlined by Google.

Modular approach

Build frontend code using a modular approach thus achieving seperation of logic JavaScript, HTML as well as CSS.


With an easy to understand modular anatomy, you will be constructing your first site in minutes.

Reusability of code

Using a flexible yet plain and simple module anatomy allows for a greater degree of code reusability.

Maintainable frontend code

By encouraging you to separate your code into modules, finding and debugging that troublesome codes becomes easier.

Coding by convention

Using a well structured agreed upon project structure, makes it easier for teams to collaborate, since there is never any doubt about where certain files lives.

Easy build and deploy cycles

With a strong emphasis on build cycles, the Modulaise tools suite allows you to build and deploy your frontend quickly and continually, thus empowering you to release early and release often.

Empowering you to not repeat yourself

Using a simplified template system, and page / pane / module analogy, you are encouraged to not repeat yourself while coding.

Easing iterative development

Easing building, deploying and refactoring truly enables you to develop iteratively.

What is it not?

It is not a new programming language

You will be writing plain ordinary HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

It is not a content management system

You will produce static HTML, static JavaScript and static CSS files, the template system is merely meant and build for you to rapidly prototype and build frontend code.

It does not require you to be an elite PHP programmer

At most you will be utilizing 5 - 10 PHP function calls, all of which are documented and easy to grasp.

It is not a JavaScript framework

You are absolutely free to pick or omit any JavaScript framework.

It is not a CSS framework

You are absolutely free to pick or omit any CSS framework.

Where to go now?

Latest documentation is available online at the GitHub - Modulaise Wiki.

Here you can find the installation instructions, and a handy tutorial. The installation and tutorial will take you approximately one hour to complete.

Feedback and suggestions

This project is hosted at GitHub, for change requests or bugs please file an issue.

Otherwise feel free to fork the project. ;o)

Inspiration and Acknowledgement

This project could not have taken shape without the prior work of these heroes in total random order - thanks:

  • JSLint for Java by Douglas Crockford and Dominic Mitchell
  • HTML5Boilerplate project by Paul Irish
  • YUI Compressor Julien Lecomte and Isaac Schlueter
  • JSch - Java Secure Channel by Atsuhiko Yamanaka

Inspiration also came from these heroes, thanks:

Nicole Sullivan, Rebecca Murphey and Nicholas C. Zakas.

Apologies to the ones I left out or forgot to mention.

Revision History