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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Object xmlns:s=""
<!-- the root node does not need a path, this keeps references shorter -->
<!-- SiteStream information now lives within the attributes tagged with the SiteStream namespace
(in this case 's'). These are:
- s:id = the property name within the parent object
- s:path = the SiteStream path name for this object (which creates a SiteStream node behind the scenes)
- s:libs = Array of SWF urls from which this node's classes get loaded.
- s:url = the XML url from which the object's full content gets loaded. -->
<Object s:id="libs" s:path="libs"
<!-- A node with a path id, whose calss is loading from a SWF, and whose contents load from an XML file -->
<!-- nodes with no id but with a path will be resolved lazily (unless they're part of a collection) -->
<package1:Klass s:path="commonLibrary1" s:libs="<libs.swf1>" s:url="xml/common.xml"/>
<!-- swf libraries can be directly referened (instead of via a common reference) -->
<package1:Klass s:path="commonLibrary2" s:libs="swfs/external2.swf" s:url="xml/common.xml"/>
<!-- Reference nodes use <> instead of {}, this allows for object string literals -->
<!-- Slashes in reference nodes refer to site stream nodes, dots then seek properties within path nodes -->
<geom:Point x="<commonLibrary1/startPoint.x>" y="0>"/>
<!-- literal properties can be either an attribute or a text node -->
<geom:Rectangle s:id="rect" x="0" y="1" width="2">
<!-- untyped items should have their type inferred from their parent class -->
<!-- type inferrance and string literals can be used together -->
<display:Sprite scrollRect="{x:0, y:0, width:10, height:10}"/>
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