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05 Jul 2011: published 0.4.2
- 'generic/' working again as default
- no more hardcoded path
- gentoo package, fixed warnings by 'QA'
- support of --gw-mac-addr to avoid some distros issue with arp and
22 May 2011: published 0.4.1
- gpg verified autotest files
- documented autotest operations
- bug fixed discovered in 0.4 rel
07 May 2011: Stabilized -rc1
- UserConf and NetIO command changed
- sniffjoke-iptcpopt postponed to -rc2
- added manpage and docs update
28 Apr 2011: Implementation of sniffjoke-iptcpopt, beta6
- singleton, good working
20 Apr 2011: Betatesting continue, (beta5!?)
- HDRoptions_probe will check option on the route
- IPTCPOptions use an efficent implementation for every location
- how ironic: in the 30/12/2010 was "stabilized" :P
1 Apr 2011: Release 0.4 under betatesting
- options testable in different environments
- new hacks, scramble implemented
- renew of class
- client/service are two separate software with an internal protocol
30 Dec 2010: Stabilized 0.4 release
- sniffjoke-autotest generate the location file
- plugin configuration
20 Nov 2010: In those months, when I and evilalv3 forget the ChangeLog...
- the hacks are supported in external plugin(s)
- the scrambling tech is became three
- the TTL will be refreshed and cached
- the entire Sniffjoke logic has been optimized
- the entire Sniffjoke OOP has been reenginereed
- the hack/scrambling tech are more configurable by options
1 Sep 2010: In those months, when I and evilaliv3 forgotten to update
the changelog, a lot of bugs have been solved.
- best class splitting in sniffjoke, more c++ compliant
- usage of lists and queue
- removed and the swill library
- supported unix socket communication and adminstration
- locking, privileges downgrade and chroot
- in short, when bugfix is complete this will be the 0.4,
at the moment, this is the 0.4 alpha 2 release.
15 Apr 2009: patch swill_file("images/visualroute.gif", 0); by dezperado
adding xplico proof
8 Apr 2009: patch by packz for supporting different path for
swill library
1 Feb 2009: stabilization of 0.3 release,
lack of:
port configuration,
hack selection
hack analysis
8 Jan 2009: fixed 0.3-beta to 0.3-beta-2
fixed includes, warnings, bugs
1 Jan 2009: stabilization of SniffJoke 0.3 beta release
Features available:
swill web interface,
standard hacks (ttl, bad checksum, innocent)
TCP port not available
autodetect in Linux system