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coding guidelines for td3

All code committed to td3 should conform to the guidelines as listed below.


These are the files and directories currently in use

  • commands/ -- base language command implementations
  • doc/ -- documentation on the project
  • include/ -- class headers and implementations
  • lua/ -- lua command plugins
  • build.bat -- build script for Windows
  • build.sh -- build script for Linux/OSX
  • license.txt -- The project's license
  • lua.cpp -- tolua++ generated lua integration file
  • main.cpp -- the main program
  • README.md -- this readme file
  • register_commands.cpp -- base language command registration handler


Classes should all be separated with declarations in one (hpp) file and implementations in another (cpp) file.

Style Guide

All code should be written using Allman style braces.

To improve readability using ns::obj statements should be used in places they will not affect other code. For class headers, using cannot be made local to the class; as a work around, use #define in the same way. For implementation files using statements can be placed at the beginning of the file after the #include section. Internal testing with using namespace std and other general using statements is permitted, but code containing them should not be committed.

If that is too complicated, we will also accept code conforming to the following style guide: http://www.thc.org/root/phun/unmaintain.html