Short, interactive survey created in React. Survey results are categorized.
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Project Overview

Create a short interactive survey (subject material does not matter; you may even use lorem ipsum if you’d like). However, the results of the survey should be categorized.

For example, say your categories are “verbal communication”, “nonverbal communication”, and “written communication”. The questions might have to do with various situations and potential responses to those situations. The results would then show what percentage of the student’s responses were in one of the three categories (e.g., one result might be that they relied 30% on nonverbal communication, 50% on written, and 20% on verbal).

Again, you may do whatever subject material you like, and whatever format you like, but the results should not just be the percentage of questions they answered correctly.

The assessment should contain a minimum of ten questions.

Key Requirements

  • The quiz should be build using HTML, CSS and javascript. Use of libraries such as Bootstrap or JQuery are acceptable.
  • The questions and results should be displayed in a visually pleasing manner. Color palette, font, layout, etc. are up to you.
  • When the assessment is finished, a score should be displayed. This can be shown on a new page or the same one and may take the form of text or graphic.
  • Scoring should calculated as percentages, which may be displayed in a graph or chart.
  • Data, such as entered answers and scores, MUST be retained. If the user navigates away and returns to the page, that data should still display. The data should be stored in some form of browser storage and NOT communicated with an application server or remote database.

***I was not able to get the routing to work ***