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Smart Contract Organizational Token for
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steem-scot is an implementation for Smart Contract Organizational Token for The steem-scot command distributes once a day token to authors which were upvoted by token holder.


$ (sudo) pip install steem-scot


Once a day, token can be distributed by:

$ steem-scot /path/to/config.json
Option Value
scot_account steem account name, which should distribute the token
scot_token token symbol, which should be distributed
token_memo memo which is attached to each token transfer
yearly_inflation yearly_inflation / 365 is the amount which is distributed daily
included_apps When set to [], it is skipped. Can include a list of apps which should be included into the distribution
include_token_as_tag When true, posts which have the token as one tag, are included
include_all_posts When false, a upvote of a post is only included when the app is added to included_apps, the symbol is added as tag or the symbol is added as SETokensSupported field in the post json_metadata
downvotes When true, downvoter which downvoted included posts will receive token
upvotes When true, post authors, which were upvoted by token holder will receive token
wallet_password Contains the beempy wallet password
no_broadcast When true, no transfer is made
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