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Software Engineering Jobs at HolidayCheck

HolidayCheck is a market leader in travel. We are deeply committed to providing the best experience in online travel for our customers who we passionately call Urlaubers. We have awesome colleagues, great places to work, a modern tech stack and work within a high degree of freedom and self organization. You'll get your hardware of choice, and we pay for your conference attendances and support you with individual trainings. Furthermore, you'll become a shareholder with our employee stock (real stock, not options) program.

If you happen to be a pragmatic, test-driven software craftsman or craftswoman who likes working on the edge of technology, come and help our outstanding, truly agile development teams in Munich, DE, in Bottighofen, CH, in Poznan, PL, or in Amsterdam, NL.

Find our current open positions here, and apply now. We also welcome to simply receive a link to your representative github (or similar) account, plus your CV as a PDF if you have it.

Find out more about our company and our values here.