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Couple of scripts etc we use for varnish
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Couple of scripts etc we use for varnish

  • In order for the scripts to work, your DNS provider needs to send back all available IP addresses and not just round-robin between each IP address one at a time E.G "dig +short" returns..

    dig +short x.x.x.x x.x.x.x x.x.x.x

  • Make sure within your Varnish Config file when configuring backends that you specify the backends in the following way/format

..... backend backend_name { = "";# .host = ""; .port = "80"; # (and maybe this) .probe = { .....

The important part being these two lines:- = "";# .host = "";

the ( = "";#) line in the varnish config file, must exist directly above the point in the config where your setting the backend IP address (.host = "";) Formatting of the line containing the DNS record is also important and needs to look exactly as shown in the example.

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