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A collection of Ruby methods to deal with statutory and other holidays. You deserve a holiday!
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A set of functions to deal with holidays in Ruby.

Extends Ruby's built-in Date class and supports custom holiday definition lists.

Full documentation can be found here.


To install the gem from RubyGems:

gem install holidays

The Holidays gem is tested on Ruby 2.0.0, 2.1.0, 2.2.0 and JRuby.

Time zones

Time zones are ignored. This library assumes that all dates are within the same time zone.


For more information, see the notes at the top of the Holidays module.

Using the Holidays class

Get all holidays on April 25, 2008 in Australia.

date = Date.civil(2008,4,25)

Holidays.on(date, :au)
=> [{:name => 'ANZAC Day',...}]

Get holidays that are observed on July 2, 2007 in British Columbia, Canada.

date = Date.civil(2007,7,2)

Holidays.on(date, :ca_bc, :observed)
=> [{:name => 'Canada Day',...}]

Get all holidays in July, 2008 in Canada and the US.

from = Date.civil(2008,7,1)
to = Date.civil(2008,7,31)

Holidays.between(from, to, :ca, :us)
=> [{:name => 'Canada Day',...}
    {:name => 'Independence Day',...}]

Get informal holidays in February.

from = Date.civil(2008,2,1)
to = Date.civil(2008,2,15)

Holidays.between(from, to, :informal)
=> [{:name => 'Valentine\'s Day',...}]

Loading Custom Definitions on the fly

Load custom definitions file on the fly and use them immediately.

Load custom 'Company Founding' holiday on June 1st:


date = Date.civil(2013,6,1)

Holidays.on(date, :my_custom_region)
  => [{:name => 'Company Founding',...}]

Custom definition files must match the format of the existing definition YAML files location in the 'definitions' directory.

Multiple files can also be passed:

Holidays.load_custom('/home/user/holidays/custom_holidays1.yaml', '/home/user/holidays/custom_holidays2.yaml')

Extending Ruby's Date class

To extend the 'Date' class:

require 'holidays/core_extensions/date'
class Date
  include Holidays::CoreExtensions::Date

Now you can check which holidays occur in Iceland on January 1, 2008:

d = Date.civil(2008,7,1)

=> [{:name => 'Nýársdagur'}...]

Or lookup Canada Day in different regions:

d = Date.civil(2008,7,1) # Canada
=> true # British Columbia, Canada
=> true # France
=> false

Or you can calculate the day of the month:

Date.calculate_mday(2015, 4, :first, 2)
=> 7

Caching Holiday Lookups

If you are checking holidays regularly you can cache your results for improved performance. Run this before looking up a holiday (eg. in an initializer):

Holidays.cache_between(, 2.years.from_now, :ca, :us, :observed)

Holidays for the regions specified within the dates specified will be pre-calculated.

See the original pull request for more details.

How to contribute

To make changes to any of the definitions, edit the YAML files under the 'definitions' directory only. These YAML files are read by the 'generate' rake target and the final definition files are created automatically. Don't directly edit any other files.

Tests are also allowed at the end of the YAML files. Please add tests. PRs will not be accepted unless there are tests proving that the new definitions work.

After you're satisfied with the YAML file if you have added a brand-new region you must edit the index.yaml file to include the new region. Then run rake generate, which will generate the Ruby files that make up the actual code as well as the tests. Then run rake test. If that passes then add all of the changed files to a commit and open a pull request.

It is also very appreciated if documentation is attached to the pull request. A simple Wikipedia or government link referencing the change would be perfect.

If you wish to test out your changes via irb you can run bin/console. This will load all required lib files and open an irb session.

Credits and code

Plus all of these wonderful contributors!

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